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Admissions and Records Petition used for:

  • College Error: If there is an error in a student’s record, the student must provide proof of the error. Courses may be removed and fees refunded if appropriate. The deadline to petition to correct an error is 30 days after the end of the term.  Where the alleged error is that the student never attended the course, the student must petition prior to the end of the next summer term following the end of the class.  If the student received a grade in the course, even when the student never attended the class, the student must go through the grade change process (see below).   
  • Drop w/out Record: All students who are still enrolled after the 20% mark (census), but who drop before the 60% mark, receive a Withdrawal (W) notation.  Students who were unable to drop by the 20% mark due to an extenuating circumstance can petition to drop without notation. Students will be required to complete the Last Date of Attendance Form in addition to the Exceptional Action Petition. The deadline to petition to drop without notation is the 60% mark for a course.   
  • Excused Withdrawal (EW): Excused Withdrawal occurs when a student is permitted to withdraw from a course(s) beyond the time which no notation is made (20% mark) for withdrawals due to specific events ("extenuating circumstances") beyond the control of the student which affect the student's ability to complete a course(s). Verifiable documentation must be presented upon petition by the student. The EW symbol does not count in calculation of probation or dismissal and is not counted as an enrollment attempt for purposes of course repetition.  Please note that the EW symbol does count in the Federal financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Calculations.  The deadline to drop with a EW is 30 days after the end of the term.  
  • Course Credit: Students must add courses by the established add deadline. In cases where a student is in attendance prior to census but doesn’t add the course by the add deadline, the student has two weeks from the add deadline to file a Late Add Petition.  Students who are not enrolled by the deadline date are not allowed to attend the course. Where extenuating circumstances prevented the student from submitting a Late Add Petition, students can file an Exceptional Action Petition to receive course credit along with a Late Add Petition. The deadline to petition for course credit is 30 days after the end of the term. 
  • Missed Deadlines on Other Types of Petitions/Forms: Students who miss a deadline to submit another petition/form due to an extenuating circumstance can submit that other petition/form along with the Exceptional Action Petition.  


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