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Use this form to add a class afte the add deadline date. 

Form Submission Deadline

  1. Full-Term (16 Week) Courses - Deadline to submit Late Add Petition is 2 weeks after the last day to add the course.
  2. Short Term Courses and Intersessions (Summer and Winter) – Deadline to submit Late Add Petition is 1 weeks after the last day to add the course. Please consult the Registration/Add deadlines webpage for the last day to add a course.  

Please Note, student must be in attendance prior to census date to be allowed to register for a course. The instructor and area dean must both approve the petition. If your petition is approved by the instructor and area dean, you may receive an email requesting that you upload proof of the extenuating circumstance. The petition will then be evaluated by the Admission and Records Office. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accident, illness, or other circumstances beyond your control which prevented you from registering for the course and include changes in your economic situation and/or evidence that you were unable to obtain essential student support services. Proof must be tangible and can include a doctors note, an email from a counselor, or other documented proo


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