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Citrus Community College District

Remote Work Environment - Procurement Procedures

In the event of a remote working environment, requests for purchases should continue to be processed through the online requisition process within Banner.


The online requisition process is initiated by the end user via FPAREQN in Banner.  All information required during regular business operations will be required in a remote environment, as well.

It shall be noted, when exigent circumstances exist that require complete remote operations of college functions, the following exceptions will be made to normal standard operating procedures:

·       Employee will begin the “request and approval” process first via email between the employee, their direct supervisor/manager, the department dean or director, and area vice president.  This email should include all of the details of what will be purchased, and why this item is necessary for immediate purchase and ship.  The department dean/director will need to respond, via email, that the request is approved.  After the dean/director approval is received via email, the area vice president will then review and approve, also via email.  Once all approvals have been routed via email, the employee can initiate the online requisition.  This email is necessary to establish sufficient oversight of purchasing during exigent circumstances that may exist.

·       Employees requesting purchases of Information Technology items (such as laptops, printers, monitors, etc.) will enter their request into the ‘Technology Request for Employees’ smartsheet form.   This form will track all technology-related requests and trigger e-mails for approvals.  Once all approvals have been obtained, Technology and Computer Services (TeCS) will process the order through using an approved District vendor.

·       Employees will have the ability to ship items to their home address.  In order to facilitate this, the employee must include this address in the “Document Text” Field within the online requisition in Banner.  For technology purchases, this address must match the address entered into the ‘Technology Request for Employees’ form.

·       In the event that the requested vendor is unable to fulfill the needs of the requestor, the Purchasing Department will make every attempt to find an acceptable alternate vendor to fulfill the request. 

·       Notwithstanding, the employee to whom the items are shipped attests and understands that:

o   Original packing slips contained with the item shipped will be retained and forwarded to Purchasing/Warehouse.  In addition, it is recommended that a scanned copy be sent via email to purchasing@citruscollege.edu.

o   Employee will make every attempt possible to photograph the items received, either in batch, or individually.  Photographs should be forwarded with scan of packing slip to Purchasing. 

o   If the item purchased includes a serial number, the employee will make every effort to photograph that serial number and forward to Purchasing for inventorying.

o   Employee will attest to all items received in good condition and can verify receipt for approval of payment.

o   Employee will ensure Citrus College assets are adequately safeguarded while in possession of the employee and at his/her personal residence.

o   Employee understands that items purchased and shipped to the employee’s house belong to Citrus College and will be brought to campus for adequate asset/supply tracking and maintaining when normal business operations resume.

·       Employees operating in a remote environment understand that all purchases should continue to go through the requisition process in Banner, with limited requests for reimbursement.  Reimbursement requests will need direct supervisor/manager approval, dean/director approval, and area vice president approval, prior to reimbursement.  Reimbursement requests shall be for de minimis expenses only.  Employees understand and acknowledge that reimbursement requests submitted that are not de minimis in nature may be denied for reimbursement.  In the event a reimbursement request is submitted which is not incidental in nature, it must be accompanied by a signed memo from the division dean/director and area vice president, stating the circumstances that existed for the employee to go outside of the District’s regular procurement process.  These requests will be reviewed by the Director of Fiscal Services and/or Director of Business Services, and the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services.  It is recommended that the dean/director contact Fiscal Services in advance of the purchase or submission of the reimbursement request.

Items purchased and shipped during campus closures/remote working conditions will need department dean/director approval and area vice president approval.  Payment will be made upon receipt of items to employee home address, emailing of packing slip with supporting pictures, and email confirmation with express approval that all items were received in good standing and “ok to pay”; all emailed to Accounts Payable at accountspayable@citruscollege.edu.



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